Welcome to GrindertraderUK.com, the investing and website of Ian M Smith.  I am an amateur investor, trader and ‘evil’ shorter of the UK stock market. Over the years I have had my successes and disasters learning from past mistakes and listening to others.

This website was created as a way to gather, store and publish most of my investing notes and to show some of the techniques, plans and rules that I use to try and make money successfully in the stock market.   Here is the usual disclaimer that all us private investors are encouraged to put on our websites.   You see everything that I put into this website in my opinion only.  I hope it helps encourage readers to invest in a disciplined, less risky manner, but it cannot be deemed as ‘advice’.  What I do not want though is readers to blindly follow everything that I do or any stocks that I invest in.  I can’t be held responsible for your successes or failures that may happen to you because of what you read on this site.    Readers are encouraged to find their own successful strategy.  Yes, this could be based on what I and what many other private investors do but at the end of the day it is your decision only.

Finally, I am not a full-time writer, blogger.  In fact, I still have a full-time employment and I am required to travel away from home for many weeks.  I may go for a month (or more) without updating this website.   Therefore it is important to remember that any stocks that I mention buying or selling may no longer be valid.  However, this site is more about education than the latest hot stock to buy.   I am willing to share my strategy and a successful strategy will last for many years.