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Welcome to my website and this my first blog post. I am an amateur investor, trader and ‘evil’ shorter of the UK stock market. Over the years I have had my successes and disasters learning from past mistakes and listening to others. As many people will be aware I used to run a previous blogging website that gave a good insight into my investing styles and included some of my trades, educational videos and spreadsheets that I used. I decided to stop running the website and deleted all my work. I deeply regret doing that and realised that there were many people who mentioned that they liked my articles.

My new website will focus on what is close to my heart and that is SIMPLICITY. Investing in the stock market isn’t hard and anyone can do it. The problem is that we all make it complicated. I fall into the trap of allowing my simple investing rules to slip. My main weakness is subscribing to far too much-investing platforms, magazines and websites. Many of these subscriber platforms are credible sources of educational articles, tips, hints, opinions and there to help private investors; we can suffer from too much information that diverts me from my main focus..to keep it all simple.

As I rebuild this website I hope to show anyone with interest in my stock picking strategy, my simple rules and the platforms.

This will take some time to do and I shall not rush out my articles like I used to do as to avoid burn out. I want this website to help and hope others will enjoy.

In the meantime, I want to ask a favour from all of you. Can you all stop for a few minutes at some point today and just ask yourself this simple question and try to answer it in one short sentence.

What causes a share price to rise?

Finally, I’ll link you to an old post which I wrote on Stockopedia about my writing style and why simplicity is important.


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