My method of trading the stock market


How many times have you read that investing in the stock market is easy, simple and fast ways to get rich? Loads of times I bet! There are also loads of books from the best investors out there; each teaching us their simple to follow rules and strategies. The problem for me with these types of books is that the author’s view can still be somewhat complicated to put into practice I have seen many investors still fail. Stock picking can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. It is all about sticking to easy to understand rules and staying disciplined.

Grindertrading is all about simple investing. It is about repetition. It is using the same simple effective rules over and over and over again. Sounds boring huh! Well trust me when I say boring is good, boring is discipline and boring is the successful investor!

What you can expect from me

I want to share with you my investing strategy. It is easy to follow a simple strategy that anyone can follow and easily understand. I will explain the 8 simple stock picking rules and how to implement these rules using a powerful stock picking analysis tool called SharePad. I will then explain the importance of portfolio management and money discipline. But before we dive deep in I want to first talk about the emotions of investing in the stock market and why psychology is important.

What you will not expect from me.

What you will not learn from me is how to trade indices, FOREX, penny shares, junior miners and drillers, cryptocurrencies, turnaround scenarios and all the other high risk stuff that hordes of unwitting private investors get sucked into believing by scrupulous websites, bulletin board posters and anyone else that doesn’t have your own interests at heart!

You will not learn a lot of accounting phrases and I will not be teaching an in-depth study of income statements, balance sheets or any complicated stuff that many city analysists claim you need to know in order to make money from the stock market. Why? Because you do not need to know all that stuff. Trust me, you don’t and you will understand why later.

Let now move onto a very important Chapter 1 – Emotions